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“How to stay creatively inspired”.
It's quite normal from time to time, especially when you finish 1 body of work and want to move on to another in a similar but new direction to be uninspired.
The way to stay inspired for me anyway is to live your life. My inspiration comes from my life, from my upbringing, to what caused pain and happiness. When I do have a creative stumble, I usually go back to what I know for a while a week or two and that helps me see new things in my paintings that I couldn't see before.
I find also going to see exhibitions, is a fantastic way to get you out of the slump. There's nothing like seeing original creative work in galleries, museums and on the street.
Be open to new things, being in your studio and working it's only you and the canvas, it's the place to create and experiment ideas.
Observe your world that you live in, creativity is all around you just have to let yourself see it.