Stories I cannot tell at Genesis Gallery, 35 Haritos Ave, Kolonaki Greece

Stories I cannot tell…
Chrys Roboras in her new exhibition at gallery genesis comes to narrate to us with her painting what she thinks and could not or did not want to tell us in words all these years.
Her white canvas, her brushes and her colors become her means of communication with the outside world.
Chrys Roboras takes on the role of a quirky mute narrator who does not tell but represents stories in a way she knows so well.
Her involvement in the stories she paints is sometimes as if she participates as the main hero or as a protagonist or as an eyewitness and at other times she gives the leading role generously elsewhere, holding only the role of an observer!
The artist places the human form in huge, colorful semi-abstract landscapes. Time does not seem to concern her. In some works, its forms are depicted as an outline filled with various colors and shapes – as if the human form is a “container” – of emotions, thoughts, memories.
In many works, there is a more realistic representation of the human form. Here the heroes live and breathe in a dreamy atmosphere.
Observing her works it is obvious that people are in a constant motion most of the time. They come from somewhere or they go somewhere. Even when they are stable you understand that what they have in mind is the next step. The Present, the Past and the Future are imprinted in their walking, in their course.
The human condition – the individual sense of her existence – is a central theme in her work, and stems from her own experience as a Greek of the Diaspora, between the two cultures